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Social Jingles for brands

Quick-hitting social videos are more than a fad. They are the primary way to get your brand’s message across to an audience that’s skewing younger, more tech-savvy, and with short attention spans. Generic music from a library is fine, but why not stand out from the crowd with music customized specifically for your brand?

That’s where I come in. I’m a lifelong musician and songwriter with a knack for creating melodies and arrangements that stick in your head and elicit an emotional response. As a newcomer to Pittsburgh, I made some examples for a few local businesses.* Give them a look/listen for some ideas of how you can tell YOUR story. Perfect for Facebook, Instagram, in-store displays, trade-show booths, and more. Let’s create your Social Jingle today!

*The samples below are for demo purposes only. I have not been hired to produce these, though each brand is welcome to use its Social Jingle in any capacity. Brett James Salon currently uses their instrumental version on Facebook and Instagram to promote their services.

Brett James Salon


American Heart Association

Animal Rescue League

Wigle Whiskey

Brett James (instrumental)

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